Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Divine Grace update

It looks like I'm dedicating all my stitching time to HAED projects. I've got hooked on Divine Grace and for some reason it's impossible to put that one away. I really would like to do a rotation and work some more on Alicia and Guardian Angel and Hecate and Strawberry Thief  but I'm glued to Divine Grace for now. Last week I finished first page and this Monday I've started the second one. I'm really happy with the progress.

So long my friends,

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Supermoon and more!

It's time to dust off your small telescopes and binoculars, track down an observatory event or webcast, or invite some friends for a moon-cake party. Don't wait too long — if you miss it, the next one isn't until 2033!

The supermoon lunar eclipse of 2015 will occur tomorrow, Sept. 27, and is a confluence of three events: a full moon; a lunar eclipse, in which the Earth blocks the sun's light from hitting the moon; and lunar perigee, when the moon is in the closest part of its orbit to Earth. The last time such a confluence happened was in 1982; there were just five instances of it in the 20th century. This time around, viewers looking from the Americas, Europe, Africa, western Asia and the eastern Pacific Ocean will have a chance to see the show. Check the video:  Rare Super 'Blood Moon' Lunar Eclipse Coming, Last Until 2033

During lunar perigee, the moon appears larger and brighter in the sky, which is why a full moon coinciding with perigee is known as a "supermoon." (A "minimoon" is when the full moon is at its farthest point from the Earth.) This large moon will present the perfect canvas to watch the Earth's shadow slide over and block the moon's light.

I guess all that influenced me to start another project (progress pics are coming soon).
So long my friends,

Monday, August 31, 2015

I'm going paperless!

OMG, I'm so excited! Yesterday we had a little SAL at the Stitchers Muse (some very lovely stitchers are meeting there every Sunday from noon to 4 PM) and I noticed that Nancy (unfortunately no blog) and Rachel from Stitch, Please! were tapping their tablets instead of marking charts and they had so much more room around them... You know, curiosity killed the cat, I glanced over Nancy's and Rachel's shoulder to see what they are up to... they were working from digital charts! Wow!!! I absolutely loved it. I learned from my dear friends that I need to apps

Dropbox is free and is installed on the iPad (tablet) and your computer. Then you can drop your .pdf file to it and it will miraculously appear on the iPad. Then you can open it in GoodReader (only 5 bucks with change) and then, voile!

I bet that my progress on Guardian Angel and Strawberry Thief will be tremendous this week. Who knows maybe I will put a few stitches in Strawberry Pirate too. All my HAED designs are in PDF format.

So long my friends, I'm back to stitching!