Thursday, August 27, 2015

Strawberry Thief - weekly update

Thank you to all for keeping me in good spirits during my dreadful Tuesday morning. Frosty is back to normal and I'm full of energy ready to conquer the world.

I was able to finish my first column on the first page of the Strawberry Thief. It took only a little over ten hours, here is the pic:
So long my friends,

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Shitty morning

It's another beautiful morning on the island and I'm sure it will be another beautiful day but my day started somewhat shitty. Frosty got sick and has upset stomach so I haven't slept much and in the middle of the night I was cooking some rice for her and then black cat crossed my path and then I forgot to make my volunteering work (thank goodness they found replacement).  It's just around ten o'clock in the morning and I'm already kind of pissed off depressed. I guess I need some stitching therapy before my next move.

I was working a little on the Strawberry Thief. I decided to stitch in columns. I saw other stitcher's work done in columns and I loved to see how the piece was developing. I usually do not grid my fabric but this time I drew (with water erasable marker of course) squares 10 x 10. Holly Molly, it makes stitching so much easier! The confetti isn't dreadful as much as it was before. It actually is going not as slow as I was assuming. To stitch my first square it took me an hour and fifteen minutes and then I was frogging for half an hour... but now at least I do not make silly mistakes which saves me that frogging time.

I know I said that I would like to stitch a 100 stitches a day but if I can increase my stitching to 123 stitches a day then I could have done one column a week, a page in two months and the whole thing could be done before summer of 2018.

My mood changes as I'm typing this post, I'm more cheerful now than I was a few minutes ago. See, even typing about stitching makes me feel better. I think as soon as I send this post to the whole world I will work a little on Santa's 12 Days of Christmas - there is nothing more cheerful than a Santa. By lunch time I'll forget my rotten morning.

So long my friends,

Friday, August 21, 2015

Strawberry Thief

After Super Duper Crazy Challenge (60 new starts during January and February) I thought I'm good for a few years of stitching and under no circumstances I would start any new project. Oh, how wrong I was! I just entered into daily SAL with Jacquie of My Journey. We are stitching Strawberry Thief by HAED. The piece is gorgeous but I'd never see so much confetti in a chart...
So we decided to stitch just a hundred stitches a day - the project should be completed by Christmas 2018. On my right I posted a progress bar and once in a while I will post some pictures of my work in progress.
The original art is by William Morris under same title and, to my surprise, it is quite famous.

So long my friends,