Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekly Reflections

Thanks to Deborah I came across scattered life collective. I liked what I was reading so I joined and from now on you can read my story on a weekly basis.

State of Being

I've survived my big birthday! It was hard but I did it. I also made some major career changes. Until now I did accounting full time and I had a 'secret life' of a beauty consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics. After 20 years or so I've realized that being a beauty consultant makes me feel like a million $$, makes me happy - on the other hand - accounting doesn't make me happy, just pays the bills... Well, I decided to be MK beauty consultant full time and do accounting just part time (for now). Let's see where that will lead me.

Wednesday I'm leaving for MK Seminar in Toronto and I'm so excited! Four days filled with classes, demonstrations (my favorite one is with the makeup artist) and, of course, a Gala Night. Gala night is awesome - it is almost like the Academy Awards but better. Instead of Oscars consultants are awarded with cars, diamond jewellery, exotic trips, money - next year I'll be on the stage collecting some of the rewards, cross my heart. After all, sky is the limit.  Here is a little  promo clip from the upcoming event.

I haven't stitch much last week... this is progress on a new start called 'Courage' from Little House Needleworks

Good things

  • Finally I met Janet. We know each other for a while through the blogland, it was a treat to meet her in person. Here we are, I'm wearing beautiful shawl made by Janet.

  • birthday presents
  • clean up my desk
  • Frosty got her annual vaccination
  • Less bugs this summer
  • Blue sky and sunshine
  • A little rain and a free 'car wash'
So long my friends,

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

Let's start celebrations with my all time favorite - Freddie Mercury

So long my friends,

Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy Dance

My Sunshine is done and I'm dancing but not Tango Argentina. Oh, well - bravo to Germans!

The chart is going to Janet, she is the one who won my challenge. The best part is that finally we'll meet in person!

This weekend I'd join stitching along with FB group. I was stitching a freebie on 32 ct  Queen Anne Lace jobelan with Plymouth Red from Carrie's Creation. I'm pretty happy with the progress
and it looks like I can have it done just for my birthday. Yeah, I'm a Cancer and this Wednesday I'm getting hit by the big one... Let me tell ya, I'm not looking forward to it. Everybody is telling me that it's just a number - but, gosh, IT IS A BIG NUMBER AND I DO NOT LIKE IT! Does any one has an idea how to survive that day and all days after...? OMG, only 40 years to go before I'm a century old...

So long my friends,

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Who will win the 2014 World Cup?

Two more games and we will have a winner. Who that will be? My heart was going for Brazil but after yesterday I'm not so sure any more. Even Jesus in Rio is upset... for more pics check this site.

3rd Place Final Brazil July 12 (4pm) in Brasilia on ESPN Netherlands
Final Germany July 13 (8pm) in Rio De Janeiro on ABC Argentina

 The good thing about these games is that My Sunshine is almost finish:

It looks like I'll be doing my happy dance this Sunday. And if Argentina wins the Cup I will dance with them. Go Argentina Go!

So long my friends,

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Canada Day!

I Love Canada

I am an unabashed patriot, and nothing will change that. Why do I love Canada, you ask. Well, let me count the ways. In no particular order or logic, here are 101 reasons that I love Canada. This is my list, and I make no apologies for it. If you love Canada, too, then you will have your own. If you've never been, then consider a visit. We are that big piece of land located right above the USA. We are the True North, strong and free. I love Canada, and I am Canadian!

101 Reasons That I Love Canada
  1. The Yukon: a true gem of untouched beauty
  2. Northerners - last of the true individualists
  3. The Alaska Highway (is named after Alaska but it's mostly in Canada)
  4. One square kilometer of land for every three people
  5. Tim Horton's coffee
  6. The wilderness (we still have lots of it)
  7. Visiting the other side of Canada is like going to a foreign land
  8. A whole TV channel dedicated to politicians bickering
  9. Snow angels
  10. Newfies -- salt of the earth, and they've transplanted all over Canada
  11. Driving for miles across the prairies
  12. The Rockies
  13. Easy geography classes: we only have ten provinces and three territories
  14. Excellent education system
  15. Lots of immigrants -- this is the place people from all over the world want to come to!
  16. Many different cultures -- we can visit the world from our doorstep
  17. The Government apologizes for past mistakes!
  18. Our constitutional debates: who else argues about one clause for months?
  19. Good governance
  20. Visits from the Queen
  21. An almost peaceful history
  22. Lots of room
  23. Vancouver's incredible
  24. Toronto is impressive
  25. Montreal unforgettable
  26. Intelligent population
  27. When spring comes, we appreciate it
  28. Sun News
  29. Our iced tea is sweet!
  30. The weather is a legitimate topic of conversation
  31. Beaver Tails -- you can only get them here
  32. Coffee Crisp ... Only available in Canada!
  33. Affordable university tuition
  34. Fresh water!
  35. Our streets aren't scary
  36. We're so small, we tend to fly under the radar on the world-wide scene
  37. We're less pushy than some other countries
  38. We let everyone come here, and do their thing. Even if they wouldn't do the same for us.
  39. Moose
  40. Elk
  41. Black Bears
  42. Grizzly Bears
  43. Polar Bears
  44. Beavers
  45. So many trees
  46. So many lakes
  47. So many rivers
  48. Majestic mountains
  49. Coasts on three oceans
  50. Second largest country in the world
  51. Largest prosperous country in the world
  52. Free trade
  53. Stephen Harper: I'm so proud of him. What an intelligent, reasonable man.
  54. Freedom
  55. Peacekeepers  Peacemakers
  56. The Veterans who made us so proud
  57. No one ever won between the French and the English: we just compromised!
  58. Gorgeous sunsets
  59. Every landscape imaginable, all in one magnificent country
  60. National Parks
  61. Anne of Green Gables
  62. Cars that plug in
  63. Icicles
  64. Snowball fights
  65. Skating and hot chocolate
  66. Quiet
  67. Sound of crickets
  68. The sound of Canada Geese flying back from their holiday in the South
  69. We spell colour and neighbourhood the right way
  70. We are proud of our British roots
  71. Wearing a maple leaf on your backpack means people treat you well in other countries
  72. Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis
  73. It's more mellow here
  74. West Edmonton Mall
  75. Banff
  76. We love to make fun of ourselves
  77. We love to make fun of people who don't know anything about us
  78. Terry Fox was one of us
  79. KD Lang
  80. Avril Lavigne
  81. Gordon Lightfoot
  82. Leonard Cohen
  83. Arctic Rangers
  84. Irish Rovers
  85. The change of seasons
  86. Incredible beauty
  87. The North
  88. Miles of prairie
  89. Sound of a train whistle blowing in the night
  90. Deer
  91. Eagles dropping fish on my roof
  92. Wild roses
  93. Fireweed
  94. Molson Dry
  95. President Choice
  96. Blue Jays 
  97. Cardinals
  98. Lake Trout
  99. Mounties
  100. Swans flying north to multiply
  101. Canadian bacon
  102. CBC
So long my friends,